Selected Publications


  • Systematic Physical Characterization of the Gamma-Ray Spectra of 2FHL Blazars, J. P. van den Berg, M. Boettcher, A. Domínguez, M. Lopez-Moya, The Astrophysical Journal, in press. (link)
  • Relevance of the fluorescence radiation in VHE gamma ray observations with the Cherenkov technique, D. Morcuende, J. Rosado, J. L. Contreras, F. Arqueros, 2019, Astroparticle Physics, in press. (link)


  • A gamma-ray determination of the Universe’s star formation history, S. Abdollahi et al. (including A. Domínguez as a corresponding author), 2018, Science, 362, 6418 (link)
  • Constraining very-high-energy and optical emission from FRB 121102 with the MAGIC telescopes (including J.Hoang as a corresponding author), 2018, MNRAS, 481, 2479
  • Leptonic and hadronic modeling of Fermi-LAT Hard Spectrum Quasars and Predictions for High-Energy Polarization
    V. S. Paliya, H. Zhang, M. Boettcher, M. Ajello, A. Domínguez, M. Joshi, D. Hartmann, C. S. Stalin, 2018, ApJ, 863, 98 (link)
  • New high-z BL Lacs using the photometric method with Swift and SARA
    A. Kaur, M. Ajello, D. H. Hartmann, A. Domínguez, A. Rau, J. Greiner, P. Schady, 2018, ApJ, 859, 80 (link)


  • 3FHL: The Third Catalog of Hard Fermi-LAT Sources, M. Ajello et al. (including A. Domínguez as a corresponding author), 2017, ApJS, 232, 18  (link)
  • Probing the EBL evolution at high redshift using GRBs detected with the Fermi-LAT, A. Desai, M. Ajello, N. Omodei, D. Hartmann, A. Domínguez, V. Paliya, K. Helgason, J. Finke, M. Meyer, 2017, ApJ, 850,1 (link)
  • The Dependence of Galaxy Clustering on Stellar-mass Assembly History for LRGs, A. D. Montero-Dorta, E. Perez, F. Prada, S. Rodriguez-Torres, G. Favole, A. Klypin, R. Cid Fernandes, R. Gonzalez-Delgado, A. Dominguez, A. S. Bolton, R. Garcia-Benito, E. Jullo, A. Niemiec, 2017, ApJ, 848, L2 (link)
  • New High-z Fermi BL Lacs with the Photometric Dropout Technique, A. Kaur, A. Rau, M. Ajello, J. Greiner, D. H. Hartmann, V. S. Paliya, A. Domínguez, J. Bolmer, P. B. Schady, 2017, ApJ, 834, 41 (link)


  • Search for VHE gamma-ray emission from Geminga pulsar and nebula with the MAGIC telescopes, Ahnen et al. (including M. López-Moya as a corresponding author), 2016, A&A, 591, 138, (link)
  • Teraelectronvolt pulsed emission from the Crab Pulsar detected by MAGIC, Ansoldi et al. (including D. Fidalgo as a corresponding author), 2016, A&A, 585, 133 (link)


  • Very High Energy γ-Rays from the Universe’s Middle Age: Detection of the z = 0.940 Blazar PKS 1441+25 with MAGIC, Ahnen et al.(including M. Nievas as a corresponding author), 2015, ApJ, 815, L23 (link)
  • Spectral Analysis of Fermi-LAT Blazars above 50 GeV, Domínguez & Ajello, 2015, ApJ, 813, L34 (link)


  • Black hole lightning due to particle acceleration at subhorizon scales.  Science Vol.346 1080-1084. (2014)


  • Dark matter and fundamental physics with the Cherenkov Telescope Array. Astrop. Phy. 43 , (2013) 189.
  • An Analog Trigger System for Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Arrays . IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 60 (2013) 2367.


  • Searches for dark matter annihilation signatures in the Segue 1 satellite galaxy with the MAGIC-I telescope. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics Vol. 6 036 (2011).
  • Design concepts for the Cherenkov Telescope Array CTA: an advanced facility for ground-based high-energy gamma-ray astronomy (Exp Astron (2011) 32 : p 193–316)


  • The ProteoRed MIAPE web toolkit: A user-friendly framework to connect and share proteomics standards (Molecular and Cellular Proteomics)
  • Insights Into the High-Energy Gamma-ray Emission of Markarian 501 from Extensive Multifrequency Observations in the Fermi Era (arXiv:1011.5260)
  • Swift observation of Segue 1: constraints on sterile neutrino parameters in the darkest galaxy (arXiv:1010.4706)
  • Forecasting the TeV sky using the First Fermi-LAT Catalog (1FGL) (ctalayouts.pdf)
  • Observations of the Blazar 3C 66A with the MAGIC Telescopes in Stereoscopic Mode (arXiv:1010.0550)
  • Detection of very high energy gamma-ray emission from the Perseus cluster head-tail galaxy IC 310 by the MAGIC telescopes (arXiv:1009.2155)
  • Design Concepts for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (arXiv:1008.3703)
  • MAGIC constraints on Gamma-ray emission from Cygnus X-3 (arXiv:1005.0740)
  • Search for an extended VHE gamma-ray emission from Mrk 421 and Mrk 501 with the MAGIC Telescope (arXiv:1004.1093)
  • Gamma-ray excess from a stacked sample of high-frequency peaked blazars observed with the MAGIC telescope
  • Correlating Fermi gamma-ray sources with ultra-high energy cosmic rays (arXiv:1002.2638)
  • MAGIC TeV Gamma-Ray Observations of Markarian 421 during Multiwavelength Campaigns in 2006

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