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Last update: October 6th, 2000, 14:35 UTC

Our friends...

This is the home page of our friend Juan Cortina. The best WWW page in this department. You can found here your First spanish class, and a travel by Madrid.

And this is the page of our friend Juan Fernandez, the Silver Surfer. You can found here the best page about the Wild Nature.

Or perhaps you prefer the J.Salgado Nightmares.

Or the page of our senior J.L. Contreras .

And from J.J. Garcia Beteta .

This is a nice page from our returned colleague, Juan Abel Barrio .

And from Luis Padilla .

And even from Abelardo Moralejo , an Atletico de Madrid fan...

Our old friend, Alberto Sánchez ...

Finnally, you can have a look on Multifractals in the page of E. Faleiro .

or pay a visit to the next generation

I. de la Calle Nacho

Also the page of Marcos López Moya is worth a visit.

 And finally, last but not least, the amazing page of Emma Oña .

Directly from Rome, a brand new GAE member: Fabrizio "Laziogol" Lucarelli.


You can see our (spanish) dictionary of working-words: DICTIONARY.computerized

This is the real Evolution of a programmer.

And now a modified version of "Let it be", from The Beatles: "Write in C".